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Waterfowl and upland retriever trainer Dwayne Durant has over 20 years of experience in training all breeds of retrievers and pointing dogs. Star Keeper Kennels is a full service retriever training facility located 6 miles west of Dubuque, Iowa. Our kennel is located on a large acreage with plenty of room to train the retriever / pointer and owner in comfort. We also have access to 2000 acres that include technical ponds and upland fields to produce the superior hunting dog.

Here at Star Keeper Kennels our goal is to bring out the superior hunting ability in all retrievers and pointers. We work full time with the retrievers and pointing dogs putting them through a training regime that starts with obedience then moving to drills and then to technical work. This creates a highly trained retriever/pointer that can go to the field and hunt or go to a hunt test and perform with excellence.

We believe that not only can you have a superior retriever / pointer, but that they can also be a life long companion. Our training methods are consistent from drill work to field work. We are able to read where the dog is at and what the next step it needs to take. By the end of their training they will become the excellent retriever / pointer that they were meant to be.

We also enjoy whelping puppies selling them as puppies or taking them through the ranks of training and selling them as gun dogs, started dogs all the way through finished dogs. Feel free to go through our website and learn more about us, our facilities, the grounds we use and the equipment we have. We would love to hear any comments or questions you have.

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