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Iowa Retriever Trainer

Dwayne Durant grew up on a farm, so he was already equipped with the knowledge of animals and their needs. He grew up an avid hunter and an expert in trapshooting and with that knowledge of hunting and trapshooting he knew the importance of a superior hunting dog and companion. He quickly became interested in training hunting dogs, which led to competing in hunt tests, that's where he was hooked!Over the many years of training plus the knowledge from other trainers and sportsmen from across the country Dwayne was able to combine all that information and his own style into a proven training program.

Dwayne's forte is his work ethic and his ability to read the dogs, which enables him to bond and gain the trust of the dogs. He recognizes that every dog is different in temperament and maturity and with that he is able to adjust the training to bring out the best attribute of the dog and work on their weaknesses.

Dwayne firmly believes that if you have a trained dog that there should also be a trained owner. He is very hands on with the owners and works with them as well. By the end of the training owner and dog are trained to be lifelong partners.

Depending on the client and their needs Dwayne can offer waterfowl training, upland training, hunt test training, and gundog training.

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