Iowa Retriever Trainer: Gun Dog Training Packages - Starkeeper Kennels

Starkeeper Kennels has developed a proven training program that has evolved from years of our own methods and methods from others that combined has produced an excellent & effective training program.
Iowa Retriever Training Facility

Iowa Retriever Training Facility

Iowa Retriever Training Grounds

Our training breakdown:

Basic Obedience

sit/when perfected will also mean stay
heel off lead
no/jumping and diversions

Basic Retriever Training

force fetch
collar conditioning
deliver to hand
marking drills
steadiness drills
easy doubles
For competitions and higher levels of training

Advanced Level Work
pile work
triple marks
T work
double T.
advanced handling drills
diversion birds
poison birds
multiple marks
marks with blinds
advanced blinds
advanced marks

Training Rates

Obedience $700.00/month

Basic retriever training $800.00/month/plus birds

Advanced training $800.00/month

Handling fee $25.00/day of testing

Boarding $25/day